Freedom (Clear)

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Release Date: 06/30/2015
Format: LP
Label: Epitaph
Release type:  Clear Vinyl LP Release

Limited vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2015 release from the punk band, their first studio album in almost 20 years. Refused came to an end in front of 50 kids at a basement show in a Virginia college town in 1998, just as their release of the same year, The Shape of Punk to Come, was taking its first steps toward becoming an acknowledged classic and a massive influence on a generation of bands. Refused Are F*cking Dead! became the slogan, as kids discovered Shape and its breakout track ''New Noise'' only to find their new heroes disbanded. Refused Are F*king Alive! After a 2012 invitation to reform for the Coachella festival, Refused followed its first shows in 15 years with a triumphant tour, as every kid who had discovered them after death came out to see them reborn.

  1. Elektra 3:11
  2. Old Friends / New War 4:26
  3. Dawkins Christ 4:03
  4. Françafrique 4:37
  5. Thought Is Blood 4:17
  6. War on the Palaces 3:34
  7. Destroy the Man 3:23
  8. 366 5:18
  9. Servants of Death 3:42
  10. Useless Europeans 6:31

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