Endless War (Numbered) (Silver)

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Release Date: 03/24/2023
Format: LP
Label: Music On Vinyl - MOVLP3221
Release type: Numbered 180 Gram Audiophile Silver Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Realm was an American heavy metal/ technical thrash band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Discussing Realm primarily in terms of overlap with these other acts, would do injustice to the distinct musical identity the band has carved out for itself. Endless War breathes intensity from start to finish, even a thrash rendition of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby can be found on this album.

  1. Endless War 3:25
  2. Slay The Oppressor 3:38
  3. Eminence 5:22
  4. Fate's Wind 3:40
  5. Root Of Evil 5:05
  6. Eleanor Rigby 1:58
  7. This House Is Burning 2:21
  8. Second Coming 4:31
  9. All Heads Will Turn To The Hunt 4:22
  10. Mang 0:46
  11. Poisoned Minds 4:15

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