Let The Dominoes Fall (Expanded 3-Disc Edition)

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Release Date: 2009
Format: Pre-Owned CD
Label: Epitaph
Catalog Number: 87031-2

Let The Dominoes Fall
CD1-1 East Bay Night 2:06
CD1-2 This Place 1:04
CD1-3 Up To No Good 2:40
CD1-4 Last One To Die 2:24
CD1-5 Disconnected 2:00
CD1-6 I Ain't Worried 2:36
CD1-7 Damnation 1:30
CD1-8 New Orleans 3:04
CD1-9 Civilian Ways 4:11
CD1-10 The Bravest Kids 1:37
CD1-11 Skull City 2:51
CD1-12 LA River 2:36
CD1-13 Lulu 2:12
CD1-14 Dominoes Fall 2:44
CD1-15 Liberty And Freedom 2:45
CD1-16 You Want It, You Got It 1:37
CD1-17 Locomotive 1:38
CD1-18 That's Just The Way It Is Now 2:53
CD1-19 The Highway 3:11
Let The Dominoes Fall Acoustic
CD2-1 East Bay Night 2:07
CD2-2 LA River 2:43
CD2-3 I Ain't Worried 2:44
CD2-4 This Place 1:04
CD2-5 Disconnected 1:54
CD2-6 Liberty And Freedom 3:05
CD2-7 Dominoes Fall 2:55
CD2-8 New Orleans 2:49
CD2-9 You Want It, You Got It 2:12
CD2-10 Outgunned 2:16
CD2-11 The Bravest Kids 1:34
CD2-12 Last One To Die 2:18
The Making Of The Seventh Record DVD
DVD Let The Dominoes Fall - The Making Of The 7th Album 37:25

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