Opus Science Collective

CrawlCo Block Knockers (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (Neon Green)

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Release Date: 11/01/2021
Format: LP
Label: Ship To Shore Phonograph Co.
Release type: Neon Green Vinyl LP Release

  • Opus Science Collective’s soundtrack to the funky puzzle game
  • New artwork by Mike Luckas housed in a specially made die cut LP jacket
  • Pressed on limited edition neon green vinyl

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the much-celebrated future funk score to naughty action puzzler CrawlCo Block Knockers!

“Blast the big bosses, solve action-packed puzzles and uncover lovely ladies!” CrawlCo Block Knockers is a modern-day throwback to the days of smoky Tokyo arcades and glowing arcade cabinets with “Gal’s Panic” emblazoned on their marques. Thankfully developers CosmiKankei and Eastasiasoft were self-aware enough to not just make their creation about tantalization: besides programming an addictive, amazingly playable piece of software they also made their game more tongue-in-cheek than its forebears, and this is perhaps most evident in the soundtrack.

Featuring the mid-tempo electronic groove one would most expect to hear in 80s porn (or modern porn parodies) but with a much heavier emphasis on the synths, artist Opus Science Collective has managed to convert the neon colored look of the game into a sonic treat for the ears, music that hooks you in just as much as the gameplay does.

  1. Block Knockers (Title Theme)
  2. Knocked Up (Menu Theme)
  3. Let's Get Knockin' (Tutorial Theme)
  4. Girls on Blocks (Level 1 Theme)
  5. Lipstick & Lolliblocks (Level 2 Theme)
  6. Knock, Block & Roll (Level 3 Theme)
  7. Knockturnal (Level 4 Theme)
  8. Knocked Off (Stage Clear)
  9. Knock Blockers (Boss Theme)
  10. Don't Come Knockin' (End Credits)
  11. Knocked Out (Game Over)"

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