Greatest Songs Ever Written (by Us)

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Release Date: 10/26/2018
2 X LP
Release type:
  Vinyl LP Pressing. 

The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us) is a chunk of NOFX's impressive career, lopped off into 2LPs, including a brand-new song specifically written and recorded for this release. NOFX is one of the best loved punk rock bands of all time because they never soul doubt... continually making their legions of fans laugh and think. Twenty years of recording, touring, and being the most successful and sarcastic punk rock band in the independent world have resulted in a 27-song 2LP-set that every NOFX fan must have!
  1. Dinosaurs Will Die
  2. Linoleum
  3. Bob
  4. The Separation of Church & Skate
  5. Murder the Government
  6. Bleeding Heart Disease
  7. Bottles to the Ground
  8. 180 Degrees
  9. Party Enema
  10. What's the Matter with Kids Today
  11. Reeko
  12. Stickin in My Eye
  13. All Outta Angst
  14. Leave It Alone
  15. Green Corn
  16. The Longest Line
  17. Thank God It's Monday
  18. The Idiots Are Taking Over
  19. Don't Call Me White
  20. Day to Daze
  21. Soul Doubt
  22. Philthy Phil Philanthropist
  23. Shut Up Already
  24. It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
  25. Franco Un-American
  26. Kill All the White Man
  27. Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots

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