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Although it's geared for NASCAR fans, this title is actually a decent racing game on its own. Featuring 37 NASCAR drivers and 17 licensed tracks, as well as "live" commentary by auto-racing announcers Bob Jenkins and Benny Parsons, there's plenty of EA Sports' trademark authenticity. The cars are literally electronic replicas of the cars driven during the 1998 NASCAR season, rendered right down to the last decal.

Although they take a little getting used to, the controls are solid, and the "wheel-to-wheel" racing experience is definitely enhanced by a rumble pack. While it's a shame that NASCAR 99's graphics are a bit flat, the excellent collision and damage effects easily make up for this. Smashing up opponents has never been so much fun in a "serious" racing game.

While hard-core racing gamers will be disappointed in the limited number of car modifications that can be made, the game's "NASCAR Options" can be changed to make things more real or less real. Not so accommodating to non-NASCAR fans is the selection of tracks, which, for the most part, are oval-shaped. Which means a heck of a lot of left turns. --Joe Hon

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