Momoe Shimano

Momoe Shimano

Koi Wa Meteor / Late Show (Japanese RSD) (7")

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Release Date: 07/17/2021
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: HMV Record Shop
Release type: Japanese RSD 7" Vinyl Pressing

  • Japanese RSD 2021 Exclusive
  • First time on 7"

Momoe Shimano gained popularity for her cool singing voice during the R & B boom that swept the 2000s.

From “Free Soul Moe Her Mellow Lovers Twilight Amour”, which was announced in 2009 and attracted many listeners in a blink of an eye, the number that decorated the opening is the long-awaited analog release.

The A-side, which beautifully covers Minako Yoshida’s famous song “Shooting Star of Love,” is a mellow number that matches the voice that sings while looking up at the original song and the softly swaying electric piano.

On the B side, a Japanese R & B “Late Show” that swings gently is coupled to acid jazz-like. I would like you to get the songs that are indispensable for tracing the genealogy of Japanese soul-R & B and city pop, with 7inch.

  1. Koi Wa Meteor
  2. Late Show

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