Luke Combs

Luke Combs

This One's For You Too

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Release Date: 11/12/2021
Format: 2 X LP
Label: Interscope Records
Release type: Double Vinyl LP Pressing

Deluxe 150gm vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. Forecasted as "one of the most anticipated albums of 2017" by Rolling Stone Country, This One's For You is anchored by Luke Combs' debut hit single "Hurricane." The 27-year-old Asheville, North Carolina native co-penned all 12 tracks on the project which birthed from the rise of his music and songwriting in the mountains of North Carolina. In addition to "Hurricane," This One's For You includes hallmark fan favorite "One Number Away," jocular, silver-lining song "When It Rains It Pours" and the poignant part-love letter, part-apology title track dedicated to those who supported Comb on the road to here.

  1. Out There
  2. Memories Are Made Of
  3. Lonely One
  4. Beer Can
  5. Hurricane
  6. One Number Away
  7. Don't Tempt Me
  8. When It Rains It Pours
  9. This One's For You
  10. Be Careful What You Wish For
  11. I Got Away With You
  12. Honky Tonk Highway
  13. Houston, We Got A Problem
  14. Must've Never Met You
  15. Beautiful Crazy
  16. A Long Way
  17. She Got The Best Of Me
  18. Beatiful Crazy [Live]
  19. Beyond [Live]

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