Little Hag

Little Hag


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Release Date: 01/21/2022
Format: LP
 Bar/None Records
Release type:
 Black Vinyl LP Pressing

    "Leash" is the new album from Little Hag aka Avery Mandeville and her band of malcontents. Based in Asbury Park N.J. she is a songwriter of the highest order with punky vocal stylings that are not to be messed with. "Leash" is filled with songs that can tear your heart out but can also make you smile; the mark of a true rock star waiting in the wings for the world to catch up.
    1. The Whole World
    2. Cherry
    3. Leash
    4. Red
    5. My Last Name
    6. Brass Knuckle Keychain
    7. Schlub
    8. Devil's Dishes
    9. Wet Brain

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