Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce Is Out Again (Blue)

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Release Date: 04/15/2022
 Comedy Dynamics
Release type:
 Blues Vinyl LP Pressing

Exclusively premiered on SiriusXM radio on September 25, 2020, this long-lost album is reissued on blue vinyl. The album is fully authorized by Bruce's daughter, Kitty.

Lenny Bruce is an icon who opened the door for comedians to talk about real life, real problems, politics, sex, race and religion. Bruce was frequently the target of law enforcement, leading to a much-publicized freedom of speech trial. He is now widely considered one of the greatest and most influential stand-up performers in history. There isn't a great comedian working today who doesn't owe a debt of gratitude for all that Bruce sacrificed in the name of change, truth, and righteousness.
      1. They're Movin' in
      2. Guess What I Got, Manny
      3. Come on Down
      4. Neck to Neck
      5. Wavin' the Flag
      6. A Welk By Any Other Name
      7. Fat Boy
      8. A Violation Is a Moving Thing
      9. Jewish Husbands Make the Best Mothers in the World
      10. The Hang-Up
      11. Don't Paint God
      12. Nay Nays
      13. A Man's Man
      14. I Tried It Once, It Just Gave Me a Headache

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