Johnny Mathis

Johnny Mathis

Music Of Johnny Mathis: A Personal Collection (Box Set)

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Release Date: 1993
Format: Pre-Owned CD
Label: Columbia/Legacy
Catalog Number: 48932

CD1-1 When Sunny Gets Blue 2:40
CD1-2 It's Not For Me To Say 3:04
CD1-3 Wonderful! Wonderful! 2:48
CD1-4 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 3:14
CD1-5 It Could Happen To You 3:48
CD1-6 All Through The Night 2:56
CD1-7 Chances Are 3:01
CD1-8 The Twelfth Of Never 2:26
CD1-9 Wild Is The Wind 2:23
CD1-10 There Goes My Heart 3:40
CD1-11 What I'll Do 2:55
CD1-12 I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 3:29
CD1-13 By Myself 4:08
CD1-14 Warm 3:24
CD1-15 When I Am With You 2:55
CD1-16 I Heard A Forest Praying 3:10
CD1-17 I Look At You 2:41
CD1-18 A Certain Smile 2:47
CD1-19 Someone 2:57
CD1-20 You'll Never Know 4:07
CD1-21 More Than You Know 4:13
CD1-22 Moonlight Becomes You 4:03
CD1-23 Heavenly 3:19
CD2-1 A Ride On A Rainbow 4:06
CD2-2 A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 4:00
CD2-3 Misty 3:34
CD2-4 Small World 3:19
CD2-5 The Best Of Everything 2:43
CD2-6 Maria 3:45
CD2-7 Tonight 3:10
CD2-8 Isn't It A Pity 3:55
CD2-9 I Married An Angel 3:47
CD2-10 Spring Is Here 3:48
CD2-11 Don't Blame Me 4:38
CD2-12 Stairway To The Stars 4:52
CD2-13 Love Look Away 3:28
CD2-14 Smile 3:15
CD2-15 You Set My Heart To Music 2:42
CD2-16 Gina 2:48
CD2-17 What Will My Mary Say 3:10
CD2-18 Laura 4:38
CD2-19 Long Ago And Far Away 3:42
CD2-20 Clopin Clopant (Comme Si, Comme Ca) 3:36
CD2-21 In Love For The Very First Time 3:17
CD3-1 A Time For Us 2:54
CD3-2 Live For Life 2:53
CD3-3 A Man And A Woman 3:22
CD3-4 Evie 3:08
CD3-5 If 3:03
CD3-6 Theme From Summer Of '42 (The Summer Knows) 2:39
CD3-7 Speak Softly Love 3:08
CD3-8 Betcha By Golly Wow 2:49
CD3-9 Happy 3:36
CD3-10 Arianne 3:29
CD3-11 I'm Coming Home 3:24
CD3-12 And I Think That's What I'll Do 3:41
CD3-13 Life Is A Song Worth Singing 6:03
CD3-14 Let Me Be The One / I Won't Last A Day Without You 4:06
CD3-15 One Day In Your Life 4:14
CD3-16 Feelings 3:28
CD3-17 Yellow Roses On Her Gown 4:33
CD3-18 When A Child Is Born 3:41
CD3-19 All The Things You Are 3:33
CD3-21 We're All Alone 3:22
CD3-22 One 2:26
CD3-23 Too Much, Too Little, Too Late 2:59
CD4-1 The Last Time I Felt Like This 2:55
CD4-2 Love 3:48
CD4-3 With You I'm Born Again 4:03
CD4-4 Warm 4:37
CD4-5 Friends In Love 4:01
CD4-6 El Amar Y El Querer 4:10
CD4-7 Love Won't Let Me Wait 4:13
CD4-8 99 Miles From L.A. 3:42
CD4-9 I Had The Craziest Dream 4:07
CD4-10 Baia (Na Baixa Do Sapateiro) 4:07
CD4-11 Toyland 3:41
CD4-12 I'm On The Outside Looking In 3:18
CD4-13 It's All In The Game 2:33
CD4-14 You Belong To Me 3:38
CD4-15 All Alone Am I 3:20
CD4-16 Photograph 4:31
CD4-17 The Island 3:58
CD4-18 Something To Live For 3:36
CD4-19 Prelude To A Kiss 2:53
CD4-20 I Have A Love / One Hand, One Heart 4:52

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