Insidious Death

Insidious Death

After Death

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Olive/Mustard Swirl Vinyl LP Pressing. Sonically inducing a depraved and morbid condition of the mind, Insidious Disease have returned to present their second full length album: AFTER DEATH. Freshly signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the band convenes (with members currently and previously of Dimmu Borgir, Morgoth, Nile, Napalm Death, and Susperia) to create a modern venture into classic death metal.

1 Soul Excavation
2 Betrayer
3 Divine Fire
4 Unguided Immortality
5 Invisible War
6 Born Into Bondage
7 Enforcers of the Plague
8 An End Date with the World
9 Nefarious Atonement
10 Secret Sorcery

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