I Prevail

True Power (Indie Exclusive Cold World)

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Release Date: 12/16/2022
Format: LP
Label: Fearless Records
Release type: Indie Exclusive Cold World Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

  • Limited to 3,000 indie exclusive cold world colored copies

Platinum-certified and twice GRAMMY-nominated Michigan rock powerhouse I Prevail are back with their third full length offering on Fearless Records. The band has established itself as the forerunners of the genre in the 21st century. The new record, once again produced by Tyler Smyth, features the sort of stadium-sized riffs that will rattle your teeth loose from your gums and unforgettable, supremely catchy melodies that will camp out in your brain for weeks at a time. The band also alternately mixes screamed vocals that sound as though they crawled from the depths of hell with soaring, emotional vocals and heartfelt, intimate lyrics that go so deep, they hit marrow. The end result is an album that resonates with the listener in the most personal way.

  1. 0:00 0:41
  2. There‘s Fear In Letting Go 3:54
  3. Body Bag 3:16
  4. Self-Destruction 2:26
  5. Bad Things 3:48
  6. Fake 2:51
  7. Judgement Day 2:46
  8. FWYTYK 3:17
  9. Deep End 3:26
  10. Long Live The King 3:00
  11. Choke 3:02
  12. The Negative 2:20
  13. Closure 3:09
  14. Visceral 2:44
  15. Doomed 3:47

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