Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues

Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues


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"Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues" is a new two-part follow-up that is a loose adaptation of the second book in Forester’s series, "Lieutenant Hornblower." While advertised as being two separate movies, "The Mutiny" and "Retribution" are really one, cohesive story split between two DVDs.

"The Mutiny" opens with Lt. Hornblower (Ioan Gruffudd) awaiting trial in Kingston, Jamaica on the charge of mutiny. Visited by his old mentor, Commodore Sir Edward Pellew (Robert Lindsay), Hornblower recounts the series of events that landed him and his fellow officers in their current predicament.

"Retribution" continues the story with a once again subdued Captain Sawyer trying to remember who it was that pushed him while the crew of "H.M.S. Renown" sallies forth to launch a sneak attack against the fort. Due in large part to the bravery and planning of Lt. Hornblower, the Spanish garrison capitulates and plans are soon made to round up the Spanish ships as prizes of war. But the Spaniards are not as meek as they seem and neither is Captain Sawyer who has, at long last, recovered his memory and is ready to finger the man who he believes shoved him down the hatchway.

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