Hopalong Cassidy Ultimate Collector's Edition

Hopalong Cassidy Ultimate Collector's Edition


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Hopalong Cassidy is a shining piece of American history. And now, for the very first time, all sixty-six Hopalong Cassidy films are together in this ultimate collector's edition set. William Boyd, George "Gabby" Hayes, Andy Clyde, Russell Hayden, James Ellison and more star in these classic, original Westerns.

Border Patrol; Doomed Caravan; Fool's Gold; Forty Thieves; Hidden Gold; Pirates on Horseback; Borrowed Trouble; Dangerous Venture; False Colors; The Devil's Playground; In Old Colorado; Leather Burners; Stagecoach War; Sinister Journey; The Showdown; Riders of the Timberline; Riders of the Deadline; False Paradise; Unexpected Guest; Wide Open Town; Undercover Man; Three Men From Texas; Stick To Your Guns; The Dead Don't Dream; Colt Comrades; Silent Conflict; Hoppy Serves A Writ; Secrets of the Wasteland; Mystery Man; Hoppy's Holiday; Texas Masquerade; The Marauders; Border Vigilantes; Strange Gamble; Twilight on the Trail; Outlaws of the Desert; Lost Canyon; Bar 20; The Eagle's Brood; Lumberjack; Bar 20 Justice; Frontiersmen; In Old Mexico; Pride of the West; Law of the Pampas; Range War; The Renegade Trail; Silver on the Sage; Sunset Trail; Santa Fe Marshall; Three on the Trail; Hopalong Cassidy Returns; Hopalong Rides Again; North of the Rio Grande; Partners of the Plains; Hopalong Cassidy Enters; Heart of the West; Texas Trail; Borderland; Cassidy of Bar 20; Bar 20 Rides Again; Call of the Prairie; Rustler's Valley; Hills of Old Wyoming; Heart of Arizona; Trail Dust

Gunhawk Convention; Gunfighter in Short Pants; Songbird of Santa Fe

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