Hiroyuki Sawano

"Attack On Titan" Season 2 Original Soundtrack (Purple & White Splatter )

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Release Date: 02/04/2022
Format: 3 X LP
Label: Anime Limited / All The Anime
Release type: Purple & White Splatter Triple Vinyl LP Pressing

Anime Limited is proud to present the soundtrack from Hiroyuki Sawano (Promare, Kill la Kill and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) for the second season of Attack on Titan! The original soundtrack to this second TV series, first broadcast on Adult Swim in 2017, is composed by prolific and popular Japanese composer Hiroyuki Sawano (Promare, Kill la Kill, Blue Exorcist) and provides a bombastic mix of electronic music, guitar-driven tracks and orchestral overtones.

  1. Barricades
  3. YouSeeBIGGIRL / T:T
  4. son2seaVer
  5. Call of Silence
  6. ERENthe標 (EREN the hyo)
  7. Attack音D (Attack on D)
  9. 2Volt
  10. 進撃st-hrn-egt20130629巨人 (Attack st-hrn-egt20130629 Titan)
  11. So ist es Immer (So It Is Always)
  12. 進撃st-hrn-gt-pf20130629巨人 (Attack st-hrn-gt-pf20130629 Titan)
  13. ymniam-orch
  14. The Reluctant Heroes
  15. 進撃st-hrn-gt20130629巨人 (Attack st-hrn-gt20130629 Titan)
  16. theDOGS
  17. 進撃pf-medley20130629巨人 (Attack pf-medley20130629 Titan)
  18. EMAymniam
  19. 進撃pf20130218巨人 (Attack pf20130218 Titan)
  20. 進撃gt20130218巨人 (Attack gt20130218 Titan)

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