Beautiful Broken

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Release Date: 09/02/2016
Format: LP
Label: Concord Records
Release type:  Vinyl LP Release

Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release. On Beautiful Broken, the Wilson sisters return with all new, Heart-wrenching, original material, as well as some hidden gems from their legendary past. The project is so powerful that it has drawn in other superstar friends of the band from across the music world, including Metallica's James Hetfield and Ne-Yo, each lending their incredible talents to the record. The album is made up of 10 magnificent tracks, featuring new original music as well as updates on some treasures from their catalog. Includes ‘Sweet Darlin’’, ‘City’s Burning’, ‘Language Of Love’, ‘Johnny Moon’, ‘One Word’ and the title track.
  1. Beautiful Broken Heart 2:25
  2. Two Heart 4:23
  3. Sweet Darlin' Heart 3:52
  4. I Jump Heart 3:52
  5. Johnny Moon Heart 4:15
  6. 0/2 Heaven Heart 5:23
  7. City's Burning Heart 3:49
  8. Down on Me Heart 5:12
  9. One Word Heart 3:33
  10. Language of Love Heart 3:34 

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