He Is Legend

He Is Legend

Endless Hallway (Deluxe Edition)

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Release Date: 06/02/2023
Format: LP
Label: Spinefarm
Release type: Deluxe Edition Vinyl LP Pressing

Like a true American classic at this point, He Is Legend resemble an old, dog-eared novel or nearly worn-out VHS tape that you dust off in order take a familiar ride & get thrilled at the same time. Their alchemy of reckless rock 'n' roll grooves, heavy metal unpredictability, & downright indefinable magic continues to enchant, enthrall, & enrapture a devout fan base, quietly bordering on cultlike fascination. The band roar back w/ their 7th full-length offering, Endless Hallway.

  1. The Prowler 3:33
  2. Lifeless Lemonade 4:07
  3. Honey From The Hive 4:18
  4. Return To The Garden 4:42
  5. Circus Circus 3:28
  6. Seamistress 3:22
  7. Sour 3:46
  8. Endless Hallway 3:39
  9. Times Fake 3:51
  10. Sink Hole 3:15
  11. Animals 3:52
  12. Lord Slug 5:49

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