Burst Into Flame (Fireball)

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Release Date: 07/29/2022
Format: LP
 Shadow Kingdom
Release type: Fireball Colored Vinyl LP Pressing
  •  Limited to 500 copies

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. With 2017's Luminous Eyes as the all-too-short appetizer, Haunt returned in 2018 with the project's hotly anticipated debut full-length, Burst Into Flame. In between releases, found Trevor William Church had expanded the lineup to include fellow Beastmaker guitarist John William Tucker and the rhythm section of bassist Matthew Wilhoit and drummer Daniel Wilson. Literally hot, Burst Into Flame explodes with an electricity and excitement that's simply impossible to ignore. From the hard-charging title track on down to the dramatic, climactic closer "Looking Glass," Haunt's first long-playing attack ably displays all the arsenal at their disposal. And they make great use of it across the nine anthems comprising Burst Into Flame's tighter-than-tight 38 minutes.

  1. Burst Into Flame 4:11
  2. Crystal Ball 4:11
  3. Reflectores 4:21
  4. My Mirage
  5. Wanderlust
  6. Frozen In Time 4:15
  7. Heroes
  8. Can't Get Back
  9. Looking Glass

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