Harold And Kumar Double Feature

Harold And Kumar Double Feature


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First off, let’s get this straight: Harold & Kumar are not your typical road-trip heroes. They’re way funnier. John Cho and Kal Penn play accomplished underachievers whose late-night quest for sliders and fries at White Castle [Side A] careens them onto a meandering road involving Princeton, pit stops, babes, a malevolent raccoon and a nonstop string of totally whack/raunchy situations. It’s not comedy for everyone. And exactly what you’re looking for. The delirious sequel [Side B] has H&K hauled off an airline, labeled as terrorists, tossed into you-know-where and escaping onto an even more twisted road filled with life’s potholes (with emphasis on one of those syllables). Here’s a shout out to the great supporting casts, especially a crude-’n’-’tude Neil Patrick Harris! HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE (UNRATED)

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