Hard Ground

Hard Ground


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Uneasy Allies Track Down an Escaped Killer OSCAR(r) nominees Burt Reynolds (Boogie Nights) and Bruce Dern (Coming Home) star in a tense Western about the uneasy alliance between a convict and a Territorial Marshal. Billy Bucklin (David Figlioli) busts out en route to Yuma Prison, so Marshal Hutchinson (Dern) has his brother-in-law, John McKay (Reynolds), released to help bring him down. Hutch offers a possible pardon for the killing McKay claims was in self-defense, and also reveals that his deputy, John's son Joshua (Seth Peterson), is tracking the dangerous man. Elizabeth Kennedy (Amy Jo Johnson) is saved from Bucklin's henchmen after her family is massacred, and doggedly joins the three searchers as they try to get him-dead or alive.

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