Rarest of Birds

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Release Date: 8/2/2019
 Nettwerk Records
Release type:
 Vinyl LP Pressing

Based in Los Angeles and Nashville with roots in Sweden, alternative-rockers Grizfolk's new album Rarest Of Birds is an ode to Southern California classic rock with a 2019 spin. Dynamic, upbeat, and dreamy the band says, "Listening to Rarest of Birds should feel a bit like looking through a kaleidoscope of fleeting moments... a glimpse into our yearning for truth and answers within and without. Written in some of the darkest times, it was a vehicle out of addiction and depression. It was a one-way ticket out of a personal hell, purchased by the heart and paid for with love, light, and dedication." "Spoonful" channels a retro sound to deliver a dark tale of yearning for someone out of reach, while "Heavy Crown" melds a danceable bass line with jangly pianos to create an upbeat track that is sneakily about the tough subject of fighting for what's right in today's complicated world.

- Disc 1 -
1 Heavy Crown
2 Spoonful
3 Black Magic
4 Mercy
5 Believing
6 Carmen Sandiego
- Disc 2 -
1 Shaky in the Knees
2 Daylight
3 Pretty Penny
4 Interlude
5 Hurricane
6 Rarest of Birds

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