Future Islands

Future Islands

On The Water (Clear with Blue, Orange, & Pink)

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Release Date: 09/03/2021
 Thrill Jockey
Release type: Clear with Blue, Orange, & Pink Vinyl LP Pressing


Future Islands’ romantic synth sound scales new heights with On the Water, the Baltimore trio’s most ambitious and fully realized statement yet. Built around a song cycle exploring love, loss, and memory, their latest album finds the band continuing to deliver pounding rhythms, swelling melodies, and undeniable hooks - but finding new ways to probe inner space and tug at hearts.

  1. On The Water 4:51
  2. Before The Bridge 3:58
  3. The Great Fire 3:15
  4. Open 1:28
  5. Where I Found You 5:44
  6. Give Us The Wind 4:05
  7. Close To None 6:19
  8. Balance 4:06
  9. Tybee Island 3:16
  10. Grease 4:28

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