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Stop, Drop and Roll!!! (2020 Reissue) (Psychedelic Green)

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Release Date: 10/09/2020

Format: LP
Label: Jingle Town Records
Release type: 2020 Reissued Psychedelic Green Vinyl LP Release

Imagine a big-time punk-pop trio from the Oakland area deciding, for fun, to record a cool song that reminded them of ’60s garage rock—adventurous, reckless, and edgy but with a “doo-doo-doo” party sound. Imagine the lovechild of an unholy marriage between The Stooges and Tommy James And The Shondells. Imagine the track, “Mother Mary,” leaking out and amazingly going Top 20 Modern Rock. Imagine the mysterious “new” band then deciding to release an EP for free on the Internet. Now imagine a full-length album—an actual album you can hold in your hand

  1. Stop Drop And Roll 2:23
  2. Mother Mary 2:46
  3. Ruby Room 2:01
  4. Red Tide 2:58
  5. Broadway 3:30
  6. She's A Saint Not A Celebrity 2:26
  7. Sally 3:02
  8. Alligator 2:25
  9. The Pedestrian 2:15
  10. 27th Ave. Shuffle 2:50
  11. Dark Side Of Night 2:57
  12. Pieces Of Truth 3:04

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