FKJ (French Kiwi Juice)

FKJ (French Kiwi Juice)

Vincent (Black Ice)

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Release Date: 06/10/2022
Format: 2 X LP
Label: Mom + Pop – MP572
Release type: Black Ice Double Vinyl LP Pressing

Where does the innocence go? As a kid my imagination was strong. I remember creating worlds, drawing or playing with whatever toys I had. When I started playing music a few years later it didn't feel much different. My bedroom studio became my playground. It was a game without plans or any right or wrong. The end result didn't matter. 15 years later I know more and play better than ever. I'm also not the kid that I was. I now overthink, give myself limits without noticing or have doubts that weren't here before. What inspired V I N C E N T was to look for a way out of this. A way out of my adult mind. Reconnect with the lost innocence. Somehow I started this album just before the world stopped and we all went to lockdown. The situation became ideal. I had to stay put. I had limited choices but unlimited time. Like when I was a kid. Of course it wasn't all smooth. Sometimes I lost track and had to dive back - pretending I know nothing again and remind myself that it is about the play. That's how the essence of most of these songs was made. Later on it was about finding a balance between this childish mess and making something presentable. It's not nostalgia about childhood but a reflection on getting the best out of both worlds. I love to see this album as the one that started it.  I didn't think the other side was greener. I had no mission. I wasn't wearing any kind of masks. I was living for the play and nothing was serious. I was always jumping off the cliff. I was failing all the time and had no problem with it.

  1. Way Out    
  2. Greener    
  3. Us    
  4. The Mission    
  5. Can't Stop    
  6. IHM    
  7. Brass Necklace    
  8. Different Masks For Different Days    
  9. A Moment Of Mystery    
  10. Let's Live    
  11. Once Again I Close My Eyes    
  12. New Life    
  13. Does It Exist    
  14. Stay A Child

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