Finding Graceland

Finding Graceland


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Release Date: 1999
Format: Pre-Owned DVD

Some guys have all the luck. But this year, Byron (Johnathon Schaech) isn't one of them. While driving away his past in a beat-up old Cadillac, he picks up an eccentric (Harvey Keitel) on his way to Memphis. Normal enough, except that this drifter believes he is the real Elvis and that he's headed home to Graceland. During the surreal and intense collision course that follows, this odd couple sideswipes the gamut of every emotion. And after Byron unmasks a Marilyn Monroe look-alike (Bridget Fonda), there's no denying the most powerful emotion of them all. An exceptional cast adds extra grace and heart to this original and moving film, which also boasts one of the most memorable "Elvis" performances of all time!

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