Fast As Hell

Fast As Hell


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The Junkman- is an action-packed blockbuster, rollercoaster ride of a thriller, set in the high stakes world of wealth, glamour and power. A deadly assassin s plot unfolds to kill Harlan Hollis (H.B. Halicki), junkyard owner turned movie mogul and stuntman. As Hollis drives to the James Dean Festival, he s unaware that killers are tracking his every move. The fast and furious race to avoid their net, stay alive and discover who is behind this lethal plan takes Hollis through a fiery battle, turning highways and city streets into a blazing Junkyard. It s raw filmmaking at it best, with the most amazing aerial and car stunts, employing such spectacular vehicles as the Goodyear Blimp. It is unstoppable action! You have to see it to believe it, and then you want watch again!

Deadline Auto Theft- 3rd movie in the Halicki trilogy, Deadline Auto Theft, has the number one car thief in America at it again! Pace (H.B. Halicki) has a list of 40 hot ladies, but makes one fatal mistake by boosting a little beauty that belongs to the Captain of the L.A.P.D s daughter & her fiancé. When Captain Gibbs (Hoyt Axton) makes this a personal vendetta, it s all-out war...and the cops have orders to stop him at any cost. Take a ride on an unstoppable wave of adrenaline...high-speed-chases that leave you breathless! It s a full-throttle race to the end but, which man will be standing at the finish line? It s a slamming rollercoaster ride with gear-shattering, ground-pounding action!!!

Gone In Sixty Seconds- In Gone in 60 Seconds II our hero is an international thief on the run in search of a secret item. For the first time in history you ll be able to see the last unfinished film from one of the greatest car-chase filmmaker s (H.B. Halicki) that ever lived, who loved to chase, wreck and destroy anything on four wheels. He bought over 400 cars and trucks that will be destroyed to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. The Slicer is a custom-made car that can flip any truck or car in its way. There are over 250 crashes in this 34 minutes of full-throttle action. This is true raw independent filmmaking at its best!

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