Erika de Casier

Erika de Casier

The Sensational Remixes

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Date: 4/23/2022
Format: LP
Label: 4AD
Quantity: 500
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus

Hot on the heels of her first album Sensational ('R&B rewind from a true original' ' The Guardian Album of the Week) on 4AD, Erika de Casier releases The Sensational Remixes. Featuring genre-bending interpretations by artists as diverse as Mura Masa, Eartheater and Isabella Lovestory and more, the collection places Erika at the forefront of a new vanguard of alt pop stars. This exclusive pressing touches on house, reggaeton and footwork whilst still retaining the charm and subtlety of the original tracks.

Friendly/Polite/Drama/Someone to Chill With/Call Me Anytime/Friendly/Polite/Busy

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