Erica Eso

Erica Eso

129 Dreamless GMG

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Release Date: 04/06/2018
Format: LP
Label: NNA Tapes
Release type:  Vinyl LP Release

NNA Tapes is excited to present ‘129 Dreamless GMG,’ the brand new full-length from the New York City-based art pop ensemble Erica Eso. Operating within a radical conceptual framework, but channeled through the voice of modern pop music, Erica Eso bridges aesthetic and musical gesture in a way that could only be found in our contemporary post-everything information age. While the band’s 2015 debut album ‘2019’ had a more “bedroom pop” essence in its recording and execution, ‘129 Dreamless GMG’ refines, expands, and evolves the Erica Eso sound from home studio experimentation to a full-fledged band format, with live drums (Rhonda Lowry), bass (Nathanial Morgan), back-up vocals (Ellen O, Angelica Bess), and collaboration more central to the arrangements. Under the leadership and compositional vision of Weston Minissali (Cloud Becomes Your Hand; VaVatican), Erica Eso delivers the newness of microtonality fused with enough melody and harmony to satisfy the ears of listeners from all different inclinations.

  1. Gun-metal Grey 6:05
  2. Fire Is The Mouth (feat. Delicate Steve) 4:43
  3. Love-gun 4:11
  4. Mirror Stage I 4:10
  5. Mirror Stage II 3:54
  6. Vaccination Free 2:35
  7. House That's Always Burning

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