Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Give Me Strength The '74/'75 Recordings (Box Set)

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461 Ocean Boulevard (Expanded Version)
CD1-1 Motherless Children 4:53
CD1-2 Give Me Strength 2:54
CD1-3 Willie And The Hand Jive 3:32
CD1-4 Get Ready 3:47
CD1-5 I Shot The Sheriff 4:27
CD1-6 I Can't Hold Out 4:14
CD1-7 Please Be With Me 3:26
CD1-8 Let It Grow 5:01
CD1-9 Steady Rollin' Man 3:15
CD1-10 Mainline Florida 4:08
Session Out-Takes
CD1-11 Ain't That Lovin' You 5:33
CD1-12 Meet Me (Down At The Bottom) 6:58
CD1-13 Lonesone Road Blues (Walkin' Down The Road) 5:16
CD1-14 Getting Acquainted 6:27
CD1-15 Getting Acquainted 2 (Too Late) 4:19
CD1-16 Eric After Hours Blues 4:24
CD1-17 Please Be With Me (Acoustic) 3:25
CD1-18 Give Me Strength (Dobro 1) 3:29
There's One In Every Crowd (Expanded Version)
CD2-1 We've Been Told (Jesus Is Coming Soon) 4:29
CD2-2 Swing Low Sweet Chariot 3:33
CD2-3 Little Rachel 4:07
CD2-4 Don't Blame Me 3:35
CD2-5 The Sky Is Crying 4:00
CD2-6 Singin' The Blues 3:25
CD2-7 Better Make It Through Today 4:24
CD2-8 Pretty Blue Eyes 4:48
CD2-9 High 3:32
CD2-10 Opposites 4:50
Session Out-Takes
CD2-11 Burial 4:02
CD2-12 Whatcha Gonna Do 2:44
CD2-13 I Found A Love 3:41
CD2-14 (When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too 5:48
CD2-15 Fools Like Me 5:09
Non-Album Single Release
CD2-16 Knockin' On Heaven's Door 4:24
CD2-17 Someone Like You 4:30
E.C. Was Here (Remixed And Expanded Version) Disc 1
CD3-1 Smile 3:35
CD3-2 Have You Ever Loved A Woman 7:41
CD3-3 Presence Of The Lord 8:47
CD3-4 Crossroads 4:38
CD3-5 I Shot The Sheriff 7:35
CD3-6 Layla 6:00
CD3-7 Little Wing 8:57
CD3-8 Can’t Find My Way Home 5:18
CD3-9 Driftin’ Blues / Ramblin’ On My Mind 11:38
E.C. Was Here (Remixed And Expanded Version) Disc 2
CD4-1 Ramblin’ On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman 8:15
CD4-2 Willie And The Hand Jive / Get Ready 11:27
CD4-3 The Sky Is Crying / Have You Ever Loved A Woman / Ramblin’ On My Mind 7:25
CD4-4 Badge 10:43
CD4-5 Driftin’ Blues 6:55
CD4-6 Eyesight To The Blind / Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad 23:50
CD4-7 Further On Up The Road 7:35
The Freddie King Criteria Studios Sessions
CD5-1 Sugar Sweet 4:06
CD5-2 TV Mama 4:06
CD5-3 Boogie Funk 5:32
CD5-4 Gambling Woman Blues 21:44
Blu-Ray Surround Sound Audio Disc
461 Ocean Boulevard Elliot Scheiner 5.1 Surround Sound Mix (Previously Unreleased)
BR-1 Motherless Children
BR-2 Give Me Strength
BR-3 Willie And The Hand Jive
BR-4 Get Ready
BR-5 I Shot The Sheriff
BR-6 I Can't Hold Out
BR-7 Please Be With Me
BR-8 Let It Grow
BR-9 Steady Rollin' Man
BR-10 Mainline Florida
461 Ocean Boulevard Original Tom Dowd Quadraphonic Mix
BR-11 Motherless Children
BR-12 Give Me Strength
BR-13 Willie And The Hand Jive
BR-14 Get Ready
BR-15 I Shot The Sheriff
BR-16 I Can't Hold Out
BR-17 Please Be With Me
BR-18 Let It Grow
BR-19 Steady Rollin' Man
BR-20 Mainline Florida
There’s One In Every Crowd Original Tom Dowd Quadraphonic Mix
BR-21 We've Been Told (Jesus Is Coming Soon)
BR-22 Swing Low Sweet Chariot
BR-23 Little Rachel
BR-24 Don't Blame Me
BR-25 The Sky Is Crying
BR-26 Singin' The Blues
BR-27 Better Make It Through Today
BR-28 Pretty Blue Eyes
BR-29 High
BR-30 Opposites

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