Darkest Era

Darkest Era

Wither On The Vine (180 Gram Splatter)

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Reease Date: 09/30/2022
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 180 Gram Splatter Vinyl LP Pressing. 

"A Dark Metal force of nature," hailing from Northern Ireland, Darkest Era have carved out a reputation for crafting some of the most emotive, atmospheric, and powerful heavy metal in the underground. Formed in 2006, they draw influence from a diverse range of sources from Bathory to Nick Cave, Irish Folk to Yorkshire Doom, all infused with their unique wistful melancholy that makes their sound stand above the others. Recorded with Chris Fielding. 180-gram splatter vinyl.
  1. One Thousand Years Of Night
  2. Bloodlands
  3. A Path Made Of Roots
  4. Tihonus
  5. The Collapse
  6. With Tragedy In Our Blood
  7. The Ashen Plague
  8. Wither On The Vine

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