Crash 'N Burn

Crash 'N Burn


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Crash 'N Burn takes you through the back streets of American cities, more racing at its rawest and most aggressive. You're the back marker in this carnival of car wrecking carnage. Sixteen gleaming cars are ahead of you, fully modded, polished and primed to go. But not for long. The main goal here is to take first place, like any other race. The big difference is that to get first, you have to take down as many opponents as you can. The first man with four wheels across the finish line wins! If you think you're the business, go online and see how you do against the world's best!

Games include game, cover art, and case. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted. Bonus downloadable or promotional content may have already been redeemed. Cleaning and repair was done as required.

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