Frank Turner

FTHC (Indie Exclusive Red)

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Release Date: 02/18/2022
Format: LP
 Virgin Records
Release type:  Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl LP Pressing.


Frank Turner - "FTHC " - FTHC is Frank Turner's first album since 2019. It was recorded at Abbey Recording Studios and produced/mixed by Rich Costey. It darts between punk, folk, hard rock and singer-songwriter confessionals, starting with "The Gathering" featuring Jason Isbell and Muse's Dom Howard. The project ends with a rumination on

  1. Non Serviam
  2. The Gathering
  3. Haven't Been Doing So Well
  4. Untainted Love
  5. Fatherless
  6. My Bad
  7. Miranda
  8. A Wave Across a Bay
  9. The Resurrectionists
  10. Punches
  11. Perfect Score
  12. The Work
  13. Little Life
  14. Farewell to My City

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