Black Francis

Black Francis

Nonstoperotik (Red)

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NewRelease Date: 01/28/2022
Format: LP
Release type: 140 Gram Import Red Vinyl LP Pressing. 


Limited crimson colored vinyl LP pressing. First released in 2010, NonStopErotik is the final Frank Black Francis solo album to date. Black Francis wrote the album in the back of a Cadillac whilst being driven around the "crispy brown hills of Cali". Recordings were then made in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and the "very haunted" RAK Studios in London, with producer and frequent collaborator Eric Drew Feldman.

  1. Lake Of Sin 4:28
  2. O My Tidy Sum 3:47
  3. Rabbits 2:00
  4. Wheels 2:38
  5. Dead Man's Curve 2:56
  6. Corrina 2:02
  7. Six Legged Man 2:47
  8. Wild Son 3:24
  9. When I Go Down On You 3:39
  10. Nonstoperotik 3:27
  11. Cinema Star 5:41

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