Ayalew Mesfin

Hasabe (My Worries) (VMP Exclusive Maroon)

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Release Date: 02/01/2018
Format: LP
Label: Now-Again Records
Release type: Vinyl Me Please Exclusive Maroon Vinyl LP Pressing

To date, only four of Ayalew Mesfin’s songs have been reissued, as part of Francis Falcetto’s Ethiopiques series: this is the first anthology of his music.

  1. Hasabe (My Worries) 3:56
  2. Gedawo (The Hero) 4:00
  3. Rehab (My Hunger) 4:34
  4. Ewedish Nebere (I Used To Love You) 3:24
  5. Yesew Neger (Amazed By Humanity) 5:02
  6. Libe Menta Hone (My Divided Heart) 3:55
  7. Endet Liyesh (How Can I See You) 3:39
  8. Ambasel (Ambasel) 4:52
  9. Zebeder (Mesmerizing) 6:08
  10. Yetembelal Loga (Tall And Graceful) 4:03
  11. Gud Aderegechign (Blindsided By Love) 3:48

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