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Release Date: 2004
Format: Pre-Owned DVD

Appleseed is the first anime feature ever done completely in 3D CGI, a blend of motion-capture technology, 3D computer animation, and stylized two-dimension character animation. Voice actors had sensors attached to their faces during the dubbing process, actors played out action scenes with motion-capture, and characters and mecha went through a three-step process – conceptual, digital layout, design – before the finished project hit theaters. We've come a long way from those cheap 3D glasses. The creators are calling it the "Birth of 3D Live Anime." Call it a work of art. Characters jump off the screen, moving with grace and depth that you won't find in other animation. Their interaction between each other and their environment is a wonder to behold. The CG settings are vivid and richly colored, leaving you guessing how many sleepless hours the creators must have contributed to this movie. The action is constant, hard-core, and satisfies any adventure movie fan's thirst.

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