Alan Munson

One Man's Journey: 1972-1979 (Blue)

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Release Date: 8/17/2018
Format: LP
Label: Modern Harmonic
Release type: Blue Vinyl LP Pressing

One Man's Journey: 1972-1979 (BLUE VINYL) 'One Man's Journey' is a compilation based on Alan Munson's real life happenings, a blend of singer-songwriter music and his experiences, accompanied by beautiful guitar and voice. A fusion of mellow psychedelic folk rock with the amazing atmosphere of the times. Originally released as private pressings, his recorded songs have a very intimate feel. Wonderful harmonies and meaningful lyrics will get deep under your skin, and the stripped down production gives these songs an even more intense personal ambiance. MODERN HARMONIC

  1. In The Rain
  2. Sightly Sue
  3. I Need A Change
  4. Good Morning World
  5. Freedom
  6. The Sun Is Rising In Your Eyes
  7. Fences
  8. The Turtle (Moving On)
  9. A Visit From A Friend
  10. Sail Away Forever
  11. November
  12. For A Long Time
  13. Late Night Morning Coffee

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