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Kiss My Axe (Reissue)

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Release Date: 11/25/2022
Format: 2 X LP
Release type:
 Vinyl LP Pressing

Jazz Guitar Virtuoso's 1991 Album Reissued on Double LP! Despite it's confrontative title, Kiss My Axe is a somber album, reflective of the mature artist Al di Meola had become at the time. First released in 1991, the album is a brilliant showcase of his impeccable technique yet doesn't overwhelm listeners with it. Di Meola uses his guitar skills rather subtly, enchanting the listeners and inviting them into this album filled to the brim with Latin influences and World Music elements, ranging from Middle Eastern harmonies to African grooves. The result is an immaculately arranged and passionately performed album that is widely regarded as one of the highlights in Al di Meola's decades-spanning career.
  1. South Bound Traveler 5:22
  2. The Embrace 5:49
  3. Kiss My Axe 5:04
  4. Morocco 7:41
  5. Gigi's Playtime Rhyme (Interlude # 1) 2:36
  6. One Night Last June 8:19
  7. Phantom 7:53
  8. Erotic Interlude (Interlude #2) 2:32
  9. Global Safari 5:42
  10. Interlude # 3 1:59
  11. Purple Orchids 6:45
  12. The Prophet (Interlude # 4) 1:16
  13. Oriana (September 24, 1988) 5:19

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