8-Movie All Action Collection

8-Movie All Action Collection


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Capricorn One - When the first manned flight to Mars is deemed unsafe and scrubbed on the launch pad, anxious authorities must scramble to save face and retain their funding - and so an unthinkable plot to fake the mission is hatched.

The Cassandra Crossline - Passengers on a European train have been exposed to a deadly disease. Nobody will let them off the train. So what happens next?

Borderline - On the U.S.-Mexican border, border cop Jeb Maynard is hunting for a human smuggler responsible for Jeb's partner's murder.

Love and Bullets - Arizona cop is sent to Switzerland to bring in the girlfriend of a dangerous mobster so she can testify against him. The mobster sends someone too - assassins.

The Domino Principle - A Vietnam War veteran, imprisoned for murder, is offered his freedom if he accepts to undertake a contract killing for a shady organization.

All Quiet on the Western Front - A young soldier faces profound disillusionment in the soul-destroying horror of World War I.

Raise the Titanic - Once they said God himself couldn't sink her. Then they said no man on Earth could reach her. But an underwater research agency, headed by Admiral James Sandecker, is assigned the job of finding the doomed ship in her North Atlantic grave.

The Eagle has Landed - A German plot to kidnap Sir Winston Churchill unfolds at the height of World War II.

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