4 Family Adventure Classics

4 Family Adventure Classics


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LOST IN THE BARRENS: When Jamie, an orphaned teenager forced to live with his Uncle Angus in the wilderness, and Awasis, a young tribal hunter, become lost on a hunt, the two slowly learn to respect and depend on each other to survive an unforgiving land.  

RUGGED GOLD: Rugged Gold follows Martha Martin's courageous journey in the Alaskan wilderness. A widowed socialite raising Lloyd, her son, Martha finds love again with Don, a rugged outdoorsman who convinces her to move north. When Lloyd and Don go missing during a dangerous earthquake, Martha is forced to endure an Alaskan winter on her own. 

PONY EXPRESS RIDER: After his father is shot dead, Jimmy D joins the Pony Express in hopes of crossing paths with his father's killer. As he races across the West, Jimmy D carries both the U.S. mail and the memory of his father. A rousing Western adventure with a coming-of-age story at its heart, Pony Express Rider is also a genuine look at America's vibrant past.  

BAKER'S HAWK: Because he's the son of a political leader in town, Billy Baker struggles to fit in. When he rescues an injured hawk, Billy takes it to Mr. McGraw, the town outcast who has a way with animals. As the two nurse the hawk back to health, the bond between boy, bird, and misunderstood recluse sparks newfound confidence and courage in Billy.

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