12 Great Movies

12 Great Movies


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Human Trafficking
Young women are vanishing around the world, forced by violence into prostitution and slavery. The underworld calls them human traffic—these are their stories.

Steel Toes
A Jewish legal aid lawyer makes a bold decision to choose compassion over contempt while working with a violent skinhead.

The Forgotten Man
Lieutenant Joe Hardy's family thought he was killed in the Vietnam War. But when the POW finally escapes and returns home, he discovers that everything has changed.

Death Dreams
When Crista Westfield's deceased daughter reveals the secrets of her death from beyond, Crista realizes her life—and her husband (Christopher Reeve)—may not be what she thought.

Personal Effects
A widow (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the brother of a murder victim (Ashton Kutcher) find love while bonding over their grief.

Dark Side of the Sun
Plagued by a rare skin disease, Rick (Brad Pitt) hides his face from the world with a mask—until he meets a girl who inspires him to reveal his true self.

The Leading Man
In a London theater, a Hollywood heartthrob (Jon Bon Jovi) and a beautiful actress (Thandie Newton) engage in a twisted love plot orchestrated by a cheating husband.

Living in Peril
An architect (Rob Lowe) is terrorized by a menacing stalker who destroys his drafts, puts rats in his apartment, and leaves a dead escort in his bed.

Deaf and abused, Alice (Patricia Arquette) is locked in a shed by her dreadful stepfather until the neighbor girl, Ellie Perkins (Reese Witherspoon), comes to her rescue.

David's Mother
A mother (Kirstie Alley), who has completely devoted herself to her special needs son, tries to live a normal life—even if it's not under normal circumstances.

Bruno is a creative, thoughtful child with a vivid imagination and a wild view of the world. But making friends is hard when you're a little boy who likes to wear dresses.

Who Loves the Sun
Estranged friends (Adam Scott and Lukas Haas), and the woman who came between them, try to repair their relationship after five years apart.

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