RSD 2020

RECORD STORE DAY Black Friday 2020

This year’s RSD Black Friday is unlike any from years past. First and foremost: Safety is our #1 concern. Please read & follow all the instructions below:

* Line up at the 2nd Door (not the main entrance). (6 feet apart!) (Sign will be posted on door “Line Starts Here”)

* Line will wrap into the side parking lot to allow space and not block businesses.

* 15 customers at a time. This will allow for safe shopping. (RSD Black Friday Merchandise Only!) You will enter the store and stand on the numbers on the floor. As one customer exits the main entrance, the next customer will be allowed into the que.

* If you are bringing someone with you, each of you needs to be in single file line 6 ft apart!

* Be sure to look over the RSD Black Friday titles and know what you want!

* We will have the titles behind the counter! You will tell cashier what you would like and they will retrieve from crate behind counter. (This is to help cut down on cleaning!)

* 1 COPY PER TITLE PER CUSTOMER! (No buying multiple copies! We want to make sure to sale to real customers and not flippers. If there are titles left, you can purchase online starting at 1PM. You may only purchase 2 copies of any title from the online store at this time.)

*  Please leave the kids at home.

*  Any signs of sickness, please stay home.

* Masks must be worn by all and it must cover your MOUTH & NOSE.

* We will be practicing social distancing, as per usual.

*  We will also be selling RSD Black Friday titles on our website starting at 1PM on Black Friday, curbside pickup will be available. At this time, you may purchase only 2 copies of any title. If you purchase more than 2 copies, your entire order will be cancelled, so please adhere to these rules.

* Keep in mind… everything is fluid… things could change.

Let’s make this the best record store day Black Friday ever!!!