Street Hoops

Street Hoops

Playstation 2

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Street Hoops is an "in your face" street-style basketball game that captures the aggressive energy and attitude of blacktop competition. The game lets you compete in a nationwide tournament representing your hometown on the most notorious street courts in the nation. Choose from a roster of athletes and performers, including key players that were featured in the And 1 Mix Tapes and Nike's "Freestyle" commercial series. The game features real world locations where you can compete on 10 of the most revered street courts in America, including NYC's West 4th Street, a.k.a. "The Cage", L.A.'s Venice Beach Courts, Oakland's Mosswood Playground, Philadelphia's Lombard Court, Chicago's Jackson Park, NYC's Rucker Park, Atlanta's Run n' Shoot and New Orleans' Shakespeare Park. You get ultra-realistic courts; designers ensured that each court is an exact replica of the real blacktop basketball court right down to the graffiti, quality of the court and culture of the neighborhood. Choose from three awesome modes of play; defend your home turf in King of the Court, take it to the road in World Tournament or hone their skills with Pick-Up Game. The multiplayer exhibition-style pick-up game can be played on a full court or a half court, with gamers playing head-to-head or on the same team. You can initially choose from 9 different teams or they can build their own unique, customized "ballers." In addition, you can play one-on-one to five-on-five and anything in between.

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