Jan Howard

Jan Howard

Through the Years With Jan Howard [Box Set]

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Release Date: 2005
Format: Pre-Owned CD
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  1. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  2. Many Dreams Ago
  3. We'll Never Love Again (with Wynn Stewart)
  4. Wrong Company (with Wynn Stewart)
  5. The One You Slip Around With
  6. I Fall to Pieces
  7. If Your Conscience Can't Stop You
  8. I've Got My Pride
  9. A World I Can't Live In
  10. All Alone Again
  11. Too Many Teardrops Too Late
  12. Jealous Love
  13. Careless Hands
  14. Let Me Know
  15. Ages and Ages Ago
  16. The Real Me
  17. Looking Back
  18. Example of a Fool
  19. Everybody Loves a Lover
  20. They Listened While You Said Goodbye
  21. What Makes a Man Wander
  22. I Know You're Married (with Bill Anderson)
  23. I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again
  24. Last Time
  25. Evil On Your Mind
  26. Put It Off Until Tomorrow
  27. Take Good Care of Him
  28. We'll Sing in the Sunshine
  29. Bad Seed
  30. For Loving You (with Bill Anderson)
  31. Time
  32. Roll Over and Play Dead
  33. A Fallen Star
  34. The Minute You're Gone
  35. Count Your Blessings, Woman
  36. You Don't Know Me
  37. The Day the World Stood Still
  38. I Hurt All Over
  39. When We Tried
  40. Until My Dreams Come True
  41. If It's All the Same to You (with Bill Anderson)
  42. Son of a Preacher Man
  43. Shame On Me
  44. Ribbon of Darkness
  45. Rock Me Back to Little Rock
  46. When the Grass Grows Over Me
  47. Try a Little Kindness
  48. Love Is a Sometimes Thing
  49. Dis-Satisfied (with Bill Anderson)
  50. I Never Once Stopped Loving You
  51. Let It Be
  52. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  53. Satin Sheets (with Bill Anderson)
  54. It's Over
  55. Remember the Good
  56. We (with Bill Anderson)
  57. You'll Never Know
  58. Someday We'll Be Together (with Bill Anderson)
  59. Poison Red Berries
  60. Silver Tounge and Gold Plated Lies
  61. My Coloring Book
  62. I Wish I Could Love That Much Again
  63. Love Is Like a Spinning Wheel
  64. Ozark Mountain Jubilee
  65. I Spent All My Love On You
  66. Wind Beneath My Wings
  67. My Son
  68. I Am
  69. Where No One Stands Alone
  70. God Bless America
  71. God Belss America Again
  72. The Twenty Third Psalm
  73. How Great Thou Art
  74. The Old Rugged Cross
  75. I Believe
  76. The Night Watch
  77. The Pledge of Allegiance
  78. The Lord's Prayer
  79. Take My Hand Precious Lord
  80. Nearer My God to Thee (with Bill Anderson)
  81. Beyond the Sunset (with Bill Anderson)

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