Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance 1981-1998

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Release Date: 2001
Format: Pre-Owned CD
Label: Rhino/4AD
Catalog Number: R2 78359

CD1-1 Frontier (Demo) 3:01
CD1-2 Labour Of Love (Radio) 3:57
CD1-3 Ocean (Radio) 3:39
CD1-4 Orion (Radio) 3:29
CD1-5 Threshold (Radio) 4:10
CD1-6 Carnival Of Light (Radio) 3:19
CD1-7 In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated 4:07
CD1-8 De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow) 4:00
CD1-9 Avatar 4:35
CD1-10 Enigma Of The Absolute 4:15
CD1-11 Summoning Of The Muse 4:58
CD1-12 Anywhere Out Of The World 5:08
CD1-13 Windfall 3:33
CD1-14 Cantara 5:59
CD1-15 In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings 4:12
CD1-16 Bird 5:01
CD1-17 The Protagonist 8:55
CD2-1 Severance 3:23
CD2-2 The Host Of Seraphim 6:19
CD2-3 Song Of Sophia 1:28
CD2-4 The Arrival & The Reunion 1:42
CD2-5 Black Sun 4:58
CD2-6 The Promised Womb 3:26
CD2-7 Saltarello 2:37
CD2-8 The Song Of The Sibyl 3:47
CD2-9 Spirit 5:02
CD2-10 Yulunga 6:56
CD2-11 The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove 4:35
CD2-12 Sloth (Radio) 2:40
CD2-13 Bylar 6:43
CD2-14 The Carnival Is Over 5:45
CD2-15 The Spider's Stratagem 6:42
CD2-16 The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Radio) 2:32
CD2-17 How Fortunate The Man With None 9:10
CD3-1 I Can See Now 2:56
CD3-2 American Dreaming 4:30
CD3-3 Tristan 1:49
CD3-4 Sanvean 3:47
CD3-5 Rakim 5:39
CD3-6 Gloridean 5:52
CD3-7 Don't Fade Away 5:10
CD3-8 Nierika 5:45
CD3-9 Song Of The Nile 8:01
CD3-10 Sambatiki 7:32
CD3-11 Indus 9:25
CD3-12 The Snake & The Moon (Edit) 4:14
CD3-13 The Lotus Eaters 6:43
Toward The Within
DVD-1 Rakim
DVD-2 Song Of The Sibyl
DVD-3 I Can See Now
DVD-4 American Dreaming
DVD-5 Cantara
DVD-6 The Wind That Shakes The Barley
DVD-7 I Am Stretched On Your Grave
DVD-8 Desert Song
DVD-9 Oman
DVD-10 Gloridean
DVD-11 Tristan
DVD-12 Sanvean
DVD-13 Don't Fade Away
DVD-14 Closing Credits
Promotional Videos
DVD-15 The Carnival Is Over
DVD-16 The Host Of Seraphim
DVD-17 Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
DVD-18 Frontier
DVD-19 The Protagonist

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