Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic

Carbondale 2000

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Available 08/23/2019

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First time on vinyl. 6 disc box set. Recorded live at Southern Illinois University Arena in Carbondale, IL on December 1, 2000, this very special multi-track recording features all original band members including late guitarist Michael Houser.
Side A  
Let's Get Down to Business 4:44 
Tall Boy 7:29 
Rock 5:55 

Side B
Jack 6:46 
Stop Breaking Down 5:54 
Party At Your Mama's House 9:34 

Side C  
Impossible 9:36 
Genesis 6:52 

Side D  
Give 3:59 
One Arm Steve 3:28 
Walk On 6:11 

Side E Thought Sausage 5:15 
Airplane 11:57 

Side F  
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 15:07 

Side G  
Drums 15:37 
Drums and Bass 6:32 

Side H  
Maggot Brain 3:17 
Chilly Water 9:33 
Papa's Home 7:42 

Side I
Ain't Life Grand 5:02 
Let's Get the Show on the Road 5:50 Climb To Safety 6:30

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