Slaughter Beach, Dog

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Safe And Also No Fear

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On Safe and Also No Fear, Jake Ewald's (Modern Baseball) intrepid side project, Slaughter Beach, Dog, returns with a more fleshed out lineup featuring Ian Farmer (Modern Baseball) on bass, Nick Harris (All Dogs) on guitar, and Zack Robbins (Superheaven) on drums. The songs are a testament to their combined talents with tight-as-hell songwriting, heartfelt melodies, and introspective lyrics. There are moments of melancholy next to hell-raising harmonies; lead single "One Down" is a drowsy acoustic number while "Good Ones" let's the good times roll. Fusing lo-fi, indie, punk, and raucous folk rock, Safe and Also No Fear offers a familiar yet fresh feast for the senses.

1 One Down
2 Good Ones
3 The Dogs
4 Black Oak
5 Petersburg
6 Tangerine
7 Heart Attack
8 One Day
9 Map of the Stars
10 Anything

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