Paula Cole

Paula Cole

This Fire (Indie Exclusive Translucent Blue)

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Release Date: 09/22/2023
Format: LP
Label: Slow Down Sounds
Release type: Indie Exclusive Translucent Blue Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Ahead of her time, Paula Cole was a boundary-breaker. For the entirely self-produced album, This Fire, she was the first woman in history to be solely nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Producer.

Released in 1996, This Fire presents a deep dive into the multi-faceted, confessional songwriting style that Cole is revered for. Paula Cole opened cultural confines and broke glass ceilings, demonstrating an unparalleled talent for blending elements of pop, rock, folk, and jazz to create her intricate sound. This Vinyl reissue captures that dynamic sound incredibly - although the original recording is digital - this pressing allows for that warm, analog sound! With hit singles like 'Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?' and 'I Don't Want to Wait,' This Fire resonates with the same authenticity, rawness, and energy that it did upon it's original release, and is more relevant today than ever.
  1. Tiger
  2. Where Have All the Cowboys Gone
  3. Throwing Stones
  4. Carmen
  5. Mississippi
  6. Nietzsche's Eyes
  7. Road to Dead
  8. Me
  9. Feelin' Love
  10. Hush, Hush, Hush
  11. I Don't Want to Wait

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