Paul Dianno

Paul Dianno

Tales From The Beast

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Available 08/09/2019

A ferocious collection of unholy career highlights from Paul "The Beast" Dianno, original Iron Maiden vocalist and a pivotal figure in the New Wave Of British Heave Metal movement!

Includes Dianno revisiting some Maiden classics from their first two albums including "Iron Miaden," "Phantom Of The Opera," and "Killers" PLUS cover versions of Megadeth, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and more! Limited edition - 666 copies - made of both the CD in gatefold wallet and RED vinyl! Watch for the feature length documentary film on Dianno later this year created by the makers of the critically acclaimed Lemmy documentary film!

1 Wrathchild
2 Women in Uniform
3 Symphony of Destruction
4 Phantom of the Opera
5 S.A.T.A.N
6 Sanctuary
7 Prowler
8 Killers
9 Iron Maiden
10 Bad

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