Echo Collective

Echo Collective

The Sea Within

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Release Date: 10/30/2020

Format: LP
Label: 7K! Records
Release type: Vinyl LP Pressing

Echo Collective’s debut album of original material is out on October 30. “The See Within” connects their past with the present, absorbing the experience of collaboration to feed their own inventive beauty. “We spent the last eight years creating music with amazing people, and learning so much,” says Leiter. “And when you write your own music, you can’t help but bring those people with you.”

  1. Inflection Point 4:31
  2. The See Within 2:53
  3. From Last Night's Rain 4:21
  4. The Witching Hour 5:30
  5. Glitch 4:02
  6. Unknown Gates 4:27
  7. Respire 10:54
  8. First Brightening 3:58

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